Residential Recycling Center

    Residential Recycling Center Location

    8000 128th StreetRRC

    2020 Residential Recycling Center Dates

    Year Round Saturday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Weekdays March 23rd through December 4th
    9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

    **Closed Sunday**

    The Residential Recycling Center is CLOSED the first Wednesday of every month for grinding operations.

    The Village of Pleasant Prairie will accept the following:

    • Garden waste
    • Grass clippings
    • Leaves
    • Tree trimmings
    • and other yard waste will be accepted in cans, bags or from vehicles trunks/beds.

    Free Accepted Materials/Items:

    • One cubic yard of dirt
    • One cubic yard of concrete Bins
    • One cubic yard of gravel
    • One cubic yard of Asphalt
    • One Cubic yard of metal
    • Recycling
    Solid Waste (One cubic yard per day - $7/cy for additional cubic yards on same day)

    (One cubic yard is 3' wide, by 3' long, by 3' tall)

    Additional Items Now Accepted For a Fee
    To accommodate those times when collection at your home is not convenient, you are able to drop select items at the Residential Recycling Center during normal hours of operation. A fee is charged to cover the cost of handling and disposing of your item.

    Items Accepted For a Fee
    Solid Waste ($7/cy after first free cubic yard on same day)
    • White goods ($20 each item) Please see Special Collections for a full list of white goods.
    • Televisions and Computers (fees vary per size) Please see Television & Computer Disposal for a full list of sizes and fees.
    • Tires 
        •Under 24" (overall width)
             •Tire - $7.00 per tire
             •Tire with Rim - $17.00 per tire/rim
        •24" to 30" (overall width)
             •Tire - $10.00 per tire
             •Tire with Rim - $20.00 per tire/rim

         •Over 30" (overall width)
             •Tire - $20.00 per tire
             •Tire with Rim - $40.00 per tire/rim
    • Bulk items ($12 each item) Please see Special Collections for a full list of bulk items.
    • Misc. electronics (DVD, DVR, VCR, Fax machines) $5.00 each


    Home Solutions
    The best thing you can do with your yard waste is to compost as much as possible or use it as mulch, at home. Grass clippings should be left on the lawn, where they provide nutrients for your turf. Clippings and leaves also make excellent mulch in gardens and around flowers and shrubs.

    FREE Compost and Wood Chips
    Compost and wood chips are available to village residents at the Residential Recycling Center on a first come, first served basis during regular operating hours. Loader for loading compost into vehicle is available on Saturdays only.

    Where do I get a Recycling Sticker?RRC Sticker
    Recycling stickers are available at the Residential Recycling Center, free of charge for residents. Proof of residency is required.

    Pleasant Prairie has these new rules in order to dispose of material properly and to protect village employees that are assisting you. Thank you for your cooperation.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Residential Recycling Center, please contact us!

    Sanitation Department
    7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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