Single Family/Two Family Residential Permits

    A permit is required for residential projects including building a new home, constructing an addition; interior remodeling; Single Family Home under constructionmodifications or new mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems and private utilities; new or modifications/repairs to: a detached accessory building, fence, driveway, sports court, deck, porch, steps or stairs, a swimming pool, hot tub, and residential communication structures. Permits are also required for tearing down or razing a building and for any land disturbance activities such as regarding your property or constructing a berm.

    The cost of the permit will be calculated during the plan review based on the scope of the project in accordance with the current residential permit fees. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received and may take up to 10 business days to process upon submittal of a complete application.

    Permit Applications and Guidelines
    Addition or Alteration Permit Application
    Culvert Application
    Deck and Porch Permit Application
    Detached Buildings-Sports Courts-Satellite Dish Permit Application
    Driveway Permit Application
    Electric Plumbing HVAC Permit Application
    Erosion Control Permit Application
    Fence Permit Application
    New Manufactured Home Checklist and Applications
    New Single Family or New Two Family Checklist and Applications
    Razing Permit Application
    Right-of-way Permit Application
    Stipulated Shoreland Permit Application
    Swimming Pools-Hot Tubs Permit Application
    Quick Links
    Village Building Code
    Village Land Disturbance, Construction Site Maintenance & Erosion Control Ordinance
    Village Zoning Ordinance
    State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Codes
    State of Wisconsin Manufactured Home Title Codes
    State of Wisconsin Electrical and Lighting Codes
    State of Wisconsin HVAC Codes
    State of Wisconsin Plumbing Codes


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