Employee Walking Path

Public Works Constructs New Employee Walking Path
Posted on 05/21/2021
The Village of Pleasant Prairie Public Works Department celebrated National Public Works Week a little differently this year. Traditionally a two-day competition is held, and Public Works crews operate heavy machinery and undergo skill training. This year Public Works personnel used the time to develop a new walking path that loops through the woods and around the pond outside the Roger Prange Municipal Building, located at 8600 Green Bay Road. 

The idea to create a walking trail came from employees and ultimately lead to Public Works taking a project-based approach to their annual celebration. The project incorporated skillsets and training used annually during National Public Works Week. The goal was to create a project that promotes health and wellness in the workplace. The event focused on teamwork and allowed members with different specialties to collaborate.   

"This year's Public Works celebration was refreshing and brought the department together," said John Steinbrink Jr., Director of Public Works. "You could see the comradery build between team members. It was inspiring to see experienced staff utilizing the project as an opportunity to train new staff on best practices, proper use of equipment, and pass knowledge on to the next generation."
Teams coming together and working toward a common goal was a huge benefit. The project gave perspective into other areas of the department. Staff who took the opportunity to try operating heavy machinery showed an instant admiration for operators and their precision with the equipment. Mechanics that typically work with their hands grabbed shovels and used their entire body to break ground. The process educated staff on the workload and activities other positions in the Public Works Department experience daily.

The new trail is something permanent that the staff can enjoy for years to come. It is also an accomplishment that employees can look back on to remember their contribution and what the team accomplished in a day and a half. The project utilized available resources and had no cost. The trailhead is composed of excess materials, including leftover crushed pavement and gravel. Many employees that work at Roger Prange expressed excitement for the newly constructed quarter-mile walking path and are looking forward to getting out and using it on their lunch breaks.    
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