Exclusivity Agreement

    Village Green Center Exclusivity Agreement
    Posted on 02/15/2021
    On Monday evening, the Village Board approved an Exclusivity Agreement between the Village of Pleasant Prairie and F Street Development Group, LLC (FSDG) to negotiate for development of a central portion of the Village Green Center Development (VGC). The agreement provides both the Village and FSDG an 18-month period to determine the feasibility of constructing a mixed-use development that incorporates rental units and commercial retail space.  

    “F Street Development Group is excited to work in partnership with the Village of Pleasant Prairie to help create a stunning housing development, with first floor retail, for the newly planned downtown community,” said Scott Lurie, FSDG’s Founder and President. “The vision for this amenity-rich housing will be to enhance the new VGC and to provide residents with a modern mixed-use residential lifestyle.”

    This agreement came after the Village solicited Letters of Interest from the development community and conducted several interviews with potential developers. As part of the agreement, the Village will not market the central portion of the VGC master plan, blocks identified as A1-A4 on the plan. FSDG has agreed to conduct a Market Study to determine the project site's physical and financial feasibility. The agreement timeline will also provide the Village time to complete the VGC Master Concept Plan and enact a Planned Development Ordinance. The desired outcome is for the Village and FSDG to enter into a Developers Agreement by December 31, 2021.
    “The Village looks forward to a productive and successful relationship with FSDG, and this agreement establishes the Village and FSDG’s commitment to each other and to this project,” said Nathan Thiel, Village Administrator. “The development of this central site would be a catalyst to the entire VGC, and this agreement brings the Village one step closer to realizing the community vision for a downtown.”

    Visioning for VGC began in January 2019, when the Village hired Community Collaboration to lead a citizen run discussion to design the downtown. In July 2019, the citizen committees, organized by Community Collaboration, held a Public Open House and presented the Designing Downtown vision. In October 2019, the Village then contracted RINKA to develop a Draft Concept Master Plan based on the community vision. RINKA presented a preliminary conceptual plan during a virtual open house in June 2020. In August 2020, the Village, with support from RINKA, solicited Master Developer interest. RINKA and Village staff continue to refine the Master Concept Plan to address infrastructure costs and appropriate phasing, and are intent on bringing the plan before the Plan Commission and Village Board for final approval this spring.
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